UWCSD Headed to the Beyond Green Summit!

The Beyond Green Environmental Youth Summit is an opportunity to connect with 1,000 young delegates, aged 14 to 30, in Toronto to explore environmental issues from every angle and develop strategies to spark change in your community. Whatever your passion, there is a path. Whether you’re an artist, scientist, frontline activist, or brand new to the scene, Beyond Green provides the techniques, tools, and connections you need to take action!

We will be running a workshop at Beyond Green on Sunday October 27th at 2 pm, titled: Plugging into the COP-19 climate negotiations.

A description of our workshop is as follows: We will be attending the COP-19 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) conference, which is taking place in Warsaw, Poland, from November 11th to 22nd, 2013. We want to make a difference at COP – and we need the help of young Canadians to do so! Our objective for this workshop is to educate and empower youth to join us in our fight against climate change. This workshop will provide information relating to the nature, activities, and importance of the COP negotiations. More importantly, it will provide a platform for youth to voice their opinions and contribute to our presence at COP-19. Facilitated by Dominique Souris, Rahul Mehta, Fatin Chowdhury, & Laura Spray.

Beyond Green Youth Summit

If you’re attending the Beyond Green Environmental Youth Summit, please come say hi to the UWCSD delegates and learn more about our work in preparation for COP19, and how you can contribute to it!


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