UW delegation talks COP21 with Elizabeth May

Last week, the University of Waterloo students had the incredible opportunity of speaking with Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich—Gulf Islands.
After gathering YOUR questions, UW Masters Planning student Rahul Mehta and Sarah Brown, associate director of Waterloo’s Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change, filmed Elizabeth May as she sat down to chat #COP21 with Alexandra Graham, UW Masters Planning student.
Below are some of the key highlights from our interview.
Watch Elizabeth May share what Canada has been doing well throughout the COP21 negotiation process and what we could have been doing better.

Learn how May believes Canada could have shown greater leadership during the COP21 process (e.g. by putting forward a new Intended Nationally Determined Contribution).

Find out what May is looking for from academia in the race against climate change and what her thoughts are on indigenous knowledge and student engagement.

We would like to thank Elizabeth May and her team for making this opportunity possible! With the COP21 negotiations coming to an end, stay tuned for more information about how we can keep pushing Canada for a better plan #UWCOP21

This piece was written and composed by
Alexandra Graham, Masters Student of Planning, and Sara Ganowski Undergraduate Student in Environment & Resource Studies/Speech Communication.


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