Climate Students, created in the summer of 2014,  is a student-led group interested in facilitating research, education, and action on climate change at the University of Waterloo, in the community, and on the global stage. The group is an evolution of the University of Waterloo Coalition for Sustainable Development (UWCSD) that was organized in 2013 to promote student participation and engagement at COP19 held in Warsaw, Poland.  Climate Students has continued connecting the campus to the COP negotiations, both through a physical presence at COP20 in Lima, Peru (and soon at COP21 in Paris, France) as well as through events and activities on campus, and through our social media channels.  Climate Students is based in, and supported by, the Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change (IC3  for short), a research institute based in the University’s Faculty of Environment.

To stay tuned for opportunities to get involved, gain experience and expand your network please check out our events page under IC3 and connect with Climate Students through the following channels:

To learn more about who is involved in Climate Students, as well as our sub-teams, please visit The Team.


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