COP 22 Team


Morocco Team


Bailey Jacobs (4A Environment, Resources and Sustainability, Faculty of Environment) Follow on Twitter @Beeejacobs and Instagram @bailey.ann.jacobs


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Ambika Opal (4A Systems Design Engineering, Faculty of Engineering)


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Home Team

Michelle Gordon
Michelle is a fourth year undergraduate student in the Environment and Resource Studies co-op program. Michelle attended COP21as part of the Waterloo student delegation. Toronto is where Michelle grew up, and because of the time she spent exploring parks and ravines she has have developed an interest in researching the importance of urban greenspaces. Michelle’s other research interests include environmental education, ecological restoration, and their connections with climate change. Art and illustration are some of Michelle’s passions, and in past summers she enjoyed working at outdoor programs teaching children wilderness survival skills.

Sara Ganowski
Sara is a fourth year Honours co-op student at University of Waterloo, pursuing a double major in Environment & Resource Studies and Speech Communication (with a specialization in Public and Digital Communication). Sara is from Brampton, Ontario, but has spent her summers in Georgian Bay/Muskoka at her family cottage since she was three years old, always loving to be near and/or on the water. Sara has a keen interest in Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainable business development, and green communications. As the Communications Lead on the COP21 Home Team, Sara is excited to use her background in media communications to increase public awareness on global climate change in order to motivate influential stakeholders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adopt sustainable management systems.


Staff/Faculty support:

Sarah Brown
Sarah is the Associate Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change (IC3) at the University of Waterloo (UW) in Waterloo, Canada. IC3 is a research network that aims to provide relevant scientific input to improve decision-making in business, government and civil society for preparing and responding effectively to weather events and climate change. Sarah leads on project management, research development and communication aspects for the Centre, and her areas of interest include policy planning, energy systems, citizen engagement, and community-scale climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. Sarah was part of the UW delegation that attended COP19 in Poland and is pleased to be going back to COP21 to represent the University of Waterloo, seek research partners for IC3, and act in an advising role to the student delegates. Raised on a farm near Owen Sound, Ontario and with a graduate degree in urban planning, Sarah draws on experiences from city and rural life to shape her approach to community development. Most of her fun time is spent riding bikes and playing sports, particularly broomball.